The 2016 IEEE International Symposium on Radio-Frequency Integration Technology (RFIT2016) will be held at the Howard International House, Taipei, Taiwan, on August 24-26, 2016. This conference is organized and sponsored by the IEEE MTT-S, and will be supported by IEEE MTT-S Taipei Chapter. The Taiwan Electromagnetic Industry-Academia Consortium (TEMIAC) is a Technical Co-Sponsor of RFIT2016.

 Important Dates

Manuscript submission opened, to submit your paper, please click here .
Manuscript submission deadline: 1 April 2016 15 April 2016
Notification of Acceptance: 13 May 2016
Submission of final manuscript and author registration: 10 June 2016

  The topics include, but are not limited to, the following technical areas:

  1. High-number Spec ICs: high speed/high frequency/high bandwidth/high integration/high performance circuits and systems.

  2. Low-number Spec ICs: low power/low voltage/low noise/low complexity circuits and systems.

  3. Device Technologies: CMOS, SOI, SiGe, GaAs, LDMOS, GaN, reliability, characterization, CAD, modeling, EM simulation, co-simulation, etc.

  4. Packaging technology: MCM, SiP, TSV, MEMS, flip chip assembly, wire bonding, anisotropic conductive film, etc.

  5. Passive Circuits and Antenna: on-chip antenna, integrated passive devices, ferrite, piezoelectric material, etc.

  6. Frequency Generation ICs: VCOs, PLLs, synthesizers, ADPLL, frequency dividers, multipliers, etc.

  7. Building Block RFICs: LNA, PA, mixers, RF front-end, Si-based MMIC, etc.

  8. Analog and Mixed Signal ICs: amplifiers, ADC, DAC, comparators, filters, AGC/VGA, etc.

  9. RF Sensor ICs: automotive radar, security, wearable devices, biomedical and healthcare applications, etc.

  10. Power Transmission: RFIDs, electric coupling, electromagnetic induction, magnetic resonance, wireless power transmission, etc.

  11. Emerging ICs: power management, digital RF circuits/architectures, RF BIST, data converters, reconfigurable and tunable ICs, new energy vehicle electronics EM and ICs, etc.


  • National Palace Museum
  • Taipei-101
  • Jade Mountain